The ecoWarriors NFT drop is the first of it's kind where environmental projects will be fully funded and carried out directly after the mint by the ecoWarriors group.

The ecoWarriors drop will consist of 4,444 unique Bees that will be minted on the Solana blockchain. Each Bee will belong to a hive, each hive will have a Queen, the hives will be able to compete in competitions against each other to earn airdrops. Each NFT can also be staked to earn ecoTokens including before presale. 

For each ecoWarrior minted, at least one tonne of carbon will be offset. This will be done first by funding two environmental clean up projects. Any carbon that is not offset through these projects will be offset through deforestation carbon credits.

Our Story

Bees are vital to the earth's ecosystem. Around 35% of global crop production needs pollination from bees to produce our fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and oils. It is widely assumed that without bees, we could not sustain our current population.

The challenges facing bees are complex and interrelated. Whether it's pollution, pesticides, parasites, or climate change, we should pay attention when bees start dying. Bees are the proverbial canary in the coal mine, alerting us that something is happening in their, and by extension, our environment.

At ecoWarriors NFT, we chose bees to be our mascots because they are emblematic of the delicate interplay of a host of environmental factors. We believe that environmental concerns need to be considered from a holistic point of view.

Rarely is one negative ecological outcome a problem in isolation; rather, it is likely just the tip of the iceberg that catches our attention. Further research generally uncovers a host of underlying issues and adverse outcomes laying beneath the surface of our awareness.

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ecoProjects Supported

ecoWarriors Breaking Barriers for Greentech Adoption

Below is a typical manure lagoon, as seen on most dairy, hog, and poultry farms. NOAH's HIOS system turned this lagoon with a foot thick crust into clear, high-nutrient water in just a few short weeks. In the process, it also removed the odors associated with manure storage.

The manure system is typical of many green technologies, which can make significant environmental improvements but face barriers to market acceptance. The ecoWarriors campaign will allow technologies like this to generate significant ecological impacts. For more details on how this technology works, click here.

Manure Lagoon Before
Manure Lagoon After 1 Week
AFTER 20 Days
Manure Lagoon After 4 Weeks
AFTER 31 Days

ecoWarrior Staking

Once NFT staking is live, holders of ecoWarriors will be able to stake their NFTs and earn allocation in ecoTokens at the private launch price. These tokens will be redeemable for a one month period after staking ends. The ecoToken is facilitating our environmental projects, by purchasing the earned allocations these tokens can then be staked on their website to fund further environmental restoration projects.

The ecoToken aims to be a launchpad for environmental projects as well as a carbon and environmental credit exchange that will allow anyone to easily offset their environmental emissions.



Q1 2022

NFTs created

Our talented artist is working diligently to bring some truly beautiful art pieces into the Solana world. These bees are bound to generate some buzz in the community.

Discord community decides on projects to fund

On the voting page the community can decide which projects they believe should be funded through the ecoWarriors NFT drop. These projects will be carried out by our partner ecoToken and regular updates will be posted on the website and Discord.

Fan lore release

A short story of how the ecoWarriors came to be and what their ultimate goals are.


Q4 2022

NFT launch

4,444 unique ecoWarriors will be minted. 4 Queen Bees will be minted, each will be the leader of their hive. Each NFT will belong to one of 4 hives.

Major exchange listings.

We will work relentlessly to get the bees listed on top exchanges in the Solana ecosystem.

Begin environmental projects

As soon as the mint has taken place ecoWarriors will fund the environmental projects chosen by the community. ecoWarriors will give regular updates on environmental project progress.

NFT Staking

NFT staking will begin where ecoWarrior holders will be able to stake their NFTs to earn ecoTokens before public launch. The tokens will be claimable on the ecoToken website where they can also be staked to fund further environmental projects.

Metaverse guild

ecoWarriors will begin a metaverse gaming guild based on the hives.

Q1 2023

Verify carbon reductions

As the environmental projects are carried out carbon reductions will be verified until all 8,888 tonnes of carbon reduction promised have been accounted for. Any carbon that will not be accounted for will be accounted for through deforestation carbon credits.

Marketing campaign outside of crypto world

The next step will be to bring ecoWarriors mainstream and to take the fight global.


Q2 2023

Hive competitions

We aim to create competitions between hives that will involve airdrops and other prizes to the winners. These competitions will also go towards funding further projects.



Q3 2023

Metaverse upgrades

We hope to be able to offer metaverse upgrades that will only be available to ecoWarriors holders. These upgrades will ideally make the ecoWarriors fully compatible in the metaverse.

Metaverse domination

Now that the ecoWarriors are in the metaverse and have their strategic partnerships it is time for the community to help create a thriving ecosystem inside our virtual world. There are no boundaries to our expansion.

The ecoWarrior Team


Lead NFT Artist at ecoWarriors

Industrial Designer designing equipment for production. Now creating ecoWarriors to create art that brings positive environmental change.



MBA graduate, entrepreneur and blockchain enthusiast. Experience in business creation and development. Now moving full time to blockchain business development.



Randy is an entrepreneur with extensive experience in marketing as well as developing and vetting innovative green technologies.


Marketing and Social Media

Major NFT enthusiast fully immersed in the Solana community.


VP Corporate Relations

Alan has extensive experience in start up financing for public and private companies.


Web3 Integration and Minting

Fullstack Developer with a focus in Rust. Past experience in OS and graphical environment development.


Web3 Integration and Minting

Blockchain developer coming from Ethereum/Theta origins. Originally worked on applications in the Java programming language.